You may realize there are a myriad of top programs and services we offer and will assist you with.  However, there is only one "Best" for your particular need.  We feel we have the best programs to save you money and fix your financial circumstance; or that allow you to pursue whatever business opportunity comes your way.

So whatever the situation, crisis , or opportunity you may find yourself in; do not hesitate to contact us to review and give you our honest and experienced advice.

Short Term Financing

Sometimes businesses find themselves in a position with less liquidity than they would like. A quick infusion of cash can be the quickest option. Our extensive network of funding sources gives you the best opportunity to keep borrowing costs low and have flexibility in repayment.

Unsecured Line of Credit

These can be an option for a variety of businesses that are seeking short term capital, even as a temporary solution while longer term solutions are being sought. These credit sources rely more on the strength of the borrower as an individual and less on the fundamentals of the business.

Business Line of Credit

This option can be best for companies that have strong financials and have been in business for some time. This can also be a good option to provide capital in a short period of time while we establish a solid plan for you longer term financial needs.

Hard Money

These sources of funding are almost entirely from private sources. This type of funding relies less on the strength of the borrower and more on the actual value of the property asset.


These types of loans generally are for funding projects that need a very short period of financing, such as to bridge the gap until the sale of the asset, or other financing is put into place.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

This type of financing has been heavily advertised to businesses as a quick and easy solution.  Although this can be a viable solution to a merchant, care must still be taken to choose a funding source that provides you the flexibility your business will need in how long and how often the repayment terms are.

Commercial / Residential Investment Property

This can include (but not limited to) retail, office, warehouse, mixed-use, light industrial, automotive repair, restaurants and day care centers for commercial properties of SFR's, duplexes, triplexes, and multi - unit residential property. We will look at your particular project to determine you short and long term goals and the best way to achieve those.

Our clients are involved investors and entrepreneurs who require funding at various stages of the business cycle.  Some are seeking to acquire, build or redevelop commercial property.  Others are repositioning a business in the market, restructuring its ownership or securing debt for growth and stability.

We have positioned our company to help our clients take advantage of outstanding business and investment opportunities as they occur.  Government regulations or institutional loan policies often limit the ability of banks to provide financing in time.

West Valley Finance may fill the gap with:
                  * Commercial Real Estate Loans (SBA)
                  * Secured Lines of Credit (Stock Loans)
                  * Construction and Development Loans
                  * Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital

Asset Based Financing

Businesses are as different as the people who manage them.  However, the best companies of today, regardless of industry, recognize the importance that Asset-Based Lending can play in improving their productivity, growth and bottom-line operating results.  For example:

Accounts Receivable
We may match cash tied up in your company's accounts receivable and inventory assets. Next, we get the available cash back to you as the working capital that you need to operate your business

From the Latin word "factare" meaning "to make" or "to do".  The use of "factoring" to help businesses facing a cash shortage is as old as America itself. 

If you sell products or services to credit-worthy companies, you may sell their invoices to us.  Once the invoices are verified, we immediately release funds.



We offer tailored leasing programs to fit the dynamic needs of our clients and prospects, who range from sole proprietorships to Multi-National corporations. Whether it is a simple one-page credit application for the small ticket market, or a complex off-balance-sheet financing that requires multiple equipment schedules under a master lease line of credit, our job is to help you find the optimal lease package.


Purchase Order Financing

Many times the key to business growth is not finding the business or the customer orders, but simply finding the cash to produce the products necessary to fulfill orders on hand.By purchasing pre-sold products on behalf of its clients, WVF provides off balance sheet financing using the customers' purchase orders as collateral.Since we may rely on the assets generated by a successful transaction for repayment, we'll rely less on traditional balance sheet strength than a traditional lender might.

Customer / Client Based

Financing your customer purchases is important to your business because it means making more sales. If you don’t, your customer may seek a competitor who will. Unlike traditional banks, we can help you finance more customers which means you make even more sales and beat your competitors (We lend down to a 560 credit score). Imagine if your business could advertise in-house financing and payment to you within 72 hours?